Siwell Road Church of Christ

If you are ever in the Jackson area, we hope that you will visit us as our honored guest. Our church building is located in the South Jackson/Byram area. Our membership consists of those living in Hinds, Rankin, Copiah and Madison Counties.
We believe that you will receive a warm welcome and that you will feel good about what you find in the congregation here. We are not a perfect people, but we serve a perfect God through a perfect revelation. We are trying to be directed by the Scriptures in all we do, and to be a family of brothers and sisters united by our common love for the Lord and for each other. We want to be a faithful, hopeful, and loving group of Christians.
As many are searching for a church, they are dismayed by the division and confusion in the religious world. There are so many groups with so many names and creeds. The churches of Christ have no creed but Christ, accept no book but the Bible and wear no name but Christian. We believe that when we follow the Bible only, we will be Christians only.
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